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Pick ANY image on our site and enter the name in the selected area to create your stick-on background.

**Please make sure you enter the correct background name before placing an order.**

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Petbackdrops Stick-On background is made of adhesive high quality vinyl. Fully digital printed for high resolution images. It is extremely versatile, light weight and durable. It is also waterproof, heat resistant and easy to clean. Stick-on background is perfect to install in a Vision cage, melamine cage or any other types of wooden enclosures with a smooth surface. Installing a background in your cage will add a beautiful scene that your reptile and yourself can enjoy!

Petbackdrops Stick-On backgrounds are ADHESIVE (sticky on the back) and precision trimmed to the proper size.

>Before installing, please make sure that the inside of your enclosure is thoroughly clean and wipe off the sides where you will be mounting the background. Using a spray bottle, spray a little bit of water before placing the background on the surface. Start on one side and use a card (driver's license or bank card) to smooth down the background to help eliminate any air bubbles. You can use use a hair dryer to help loosen the background for easier application. If needed, you can pull back and reposition the background.


All prints are sold by the sq inch. Simply select the appropriate print size in the drop down options to cover your final print size, add it to your cart and enjoy your new background.


Actual image may vary depending on screen viewed from and final print size. 

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