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Petbackdrops Static Cling Aquarium backgrounds are made of thin, tough, plastic film that stick to glass on the outside of the tank without the use of adhesives. The high resolution images are digitally printed allowing the background to really stand out. Aquarium Cling On backgrounds can be easily removed and reapplied time after time.

Petbackdrops Static Cling Aquarium backgrounds are easy to apply.

>Thoroughly clean the surface of the tank you are going to mount on. Household glass cleaner may be used. However, it is best that you spray the cleaner on the paper towel. Not directly on the glass.

>Starting at one corner, gently peel the white backing from the static cling background. With the back side of the background facing you, align the top edge of the static cling background with the top edge of the tank using your hands to adhere at least the top two inches onto the glass without wrinkles. You may also use your photo id or some sort of stiff card to remove wrinkles and to slowly smooth out the static cling background.

>If needed, you can repeatedly pull back and reposition the background. The background will maintain its static cling ability.

>When necessary, pull back the static cling background to remove the wrinkles. It is best to start from the top center and push down and outwards, towards the sides, to work out all the wrinkles and air bubbles.



All prints are sold by the sq inch. Simply select the appropriate print size in the drop down options to cover your final print size, add it to your cart and enjoy your new background.


Actual image may vary depending on screen viewed from and final print size. 

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